"Clara is nothing short of excellent, so good that I even saw her myself for an injury. I would  thoroughly recommend her."


              Mr Charles Willis-Owen

              (Orthopaedic Consultant)

"My 15 yr old son Liam, had a very painful injury during a school rugby match and was referred to Clara. The care and treatment she gave was fantastic. She was so thorough and professional. We cannot thank Clara enough for all her hard work, giving Liam the confidence to return to all his sports again and rugby in particular. "       Helen Piddock



“My sport mad, injury prone young son was referred to a physiotherapist initially by our GP and we were lucky to meet Clara.  Now years later, even as a teenager, he seeks her opinion and listens to her instructions and recommendations.  If he does not do his exercises and tries to get something past her she knows.  As his mother I love her!  He has never missed a session and although some of the injuries have caused him some significant problems and pain the physiotherapy with Clara always causes him to laugh and lightens his mood even when it is hard.


Clara has his absolute trust and is the only physiotherapist he will go and see and even let her try acupuncture when he is terrified of needles – more than once!  He plays rugby, cricket, hockey and anything else he has an opportunity to try and has broken bones, torn muscles, ligaments and cartilage and suffered from shortened tendons – the list goes on and Clara has worked on them all to get him back playing the sports he loves and even fit for an international tour.


I can only say fantastic things about Clara.  You have found a treasure, a true professional who will work tirelessly to get you back on track if she can.”

Sarah Baker

"I had a bad back for years. During this time I saw so many different osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists, to no avail. I was resigned to a life of serious back pain until I was treated by Clara. She was the only professional who was able to locate the source of my pain and treat it effectively. I have Clara to thank for a pain free back"                

Jeremy Ford

"Clara treated me for a shoulder injury which I sustained playing rugby. Clara was able to quickly identify the nature and source of my injury and provide effective physio treatment which has enabled a steadfast recovery allowing me to regain 100% strength and mobility. Having not consulted Clara I firmly believe my recovery would have taken far longer."                   

 Dave Grover



"I've had cause to visit a number of physios over the years and Clara is up there with the very best -  thoroughly recommend her to you."


                                 Mark Franchetti

"Clara treated me for my low back pain. She was extremely thorough and clearly explained to me the cause of my pain, her treatment plan and together we formed my goals. Clara has a very friendly approach and her treatment and advice were excellent. She guided me through my rehab to get me back to the gym and pain free! The knowledge she gave me has improved my awareness of my body and how to reduce my risk of future injuries. I would recommend Clara to all my friends and family."                                                                                          Amy McQuitty