Injury Prevention Programme



It is becoming more noticeable in schools and sports clubs that the number of injuries sustained by young people is on the increase.


Although injuries in sport are not entirely unavoidable it has been shown that there are certain steps an individual can take to help reduce the risk of them occurring.


Clara has joined forces with a fellow colleague, Chris Boynes, and developed a one of a kind programme to help address this problem. The Injury Prevention Programme incorporates a number of components from lectures to musculoskeletal screening and aims to highlight areas in which young people can be better prepared in order to reduce their risk of injury in sport and enhance their performance. It also ensures that parents, pupils, teachers and coaching staff are in the best position to assist with this, thus creating the best support and devleopment structure for young athletes. In particular it focuses on key elements, such as the importance of effective warm up & cool down, flexibility, hydration, nutrition, strength and conditioning. The programme has been utilised in schools already with great succcess.


Clara and Chris have over 30 years experience of looking after young athletes at both elite and school boy/girl level. This therefore makes them ideally placed to advise schools and sports clubs on injury prevention in developing athletes.


For more information please contact Clara at or Chris at


"Clara gave an inspired presentation to the staff, the pupils and their parents. It was perfectly pitched, subtly tailored to suit their differing needs and was positively received by all who were present. The Q & A and interactive sessions dovetailed well with Clara’s clear and powerful message and allowed time for the participants to consider a variety of strategies which will undoubtedly help them in the future. The professional way in which potential problems were highlighted was excellent and her attention to detail and personalised exercise & rehabilitation programs really made a difference. As a fellow athlete, Clara fully understands the physical demands of school sport and provided great advice which the pupils could clearly relate to.

The quality of specialist expertise from Clara is simply outstanding – by far the best I have ever experienced. Her approach is pragmatic, clear and entertaining, and she succeeded in making a positive and tangible difference. Highly recommended!"

John Cooper - Deputy Head, Eltham College